Grey Matter

What a strange organ. I did a concussion recheck on Monday morning, and was assigned to stay home and do as little as possible for two days, which, of course, is nigh impossible with kids, especially when two of them are sick and the third one is struggling with depression.

I will say I have a much greater appreciation for how visual stimuli affects my brain. It took me a couple of days to really get into the idea of just sitting or laying down somewhere quiet and dark and just close my eyes. Right now, I think, more than anything, I just need to do some more of that.

There has also been a difference in the way different doctors have been treating my concussion. For the uninitiated, my care is provided through the military. I’m assigned to an Integrated Health Team, and there’s a group of doctors, clinicians, nurses, medical technicians, etc, who all have their hands on me and my file. I’d been seeing one doc consistently for my time here, but he’s gone now. The new doc I’d seen happened to be the one who saw me for the back issue from before. He’d helped me through my calf cramp when I was getting ready for my half-marathon, and he’s a musician and hockey player. The doc I saw subsequently when I went to get my concussion diagnosed had a different approach, which is fine (and plus, too, she also had a resident with her, and so I became a training opportunity, which I don’t mind). Next doc I saw was pretty hard-and-fast about concussions and what I could or couldn’t do. Today’s doc kinda bridged all of the above, and we talked about some of the risks I could/should take, and came up with a plan to move forward.

I’ve been put on half-days at work, plus a host of other restrictions (no running, no contact sports, etc). I tried putting in a couple of hours at the office today but in the end it was a bit much, so I went back to that space of lowered stimuli and just let my brain rest for a while this afternoon, which helped tremendously.

Rest is a weapon.


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