30-day Writing Challenge – Day 8

Post some words of wisdom that speak to you.

My parting words on the last day of work for 2018 were these:

Be good to one another, but mostly, be good to yourself.

Every time we come up to a long weekend or extended break, I have a semi-default speech that I pass along to the men and women of my unit. Usual talks about taking time with family, slowing down, enjoying the time away from the job, etc.

I’ve been in and out of therapy for a few years now, dealing with a lifetime of issues that I hadn’t resolved (and am continuing to resolve to this day). One of the biggest things I’m guilty of is not taking time for me, and being good to myself. It has only been a few years since I started really paying attention to me, what I’m feeling, how I’m feeling, what I’m doing for myself, and these sorts of things, where I’ve been able to really do things that fill me up.

I’ve long found satisfaction from the work I do. I’ve found fulfilment in family life, too. I’ve often devoted all my energies to these two sources, and it’s recent times that have given rise to the greater importance of self, and making sure that I take care of me. So much of what I do is based on historical concepts, things I was shown or taught (or had my nose rubbed into) that calcified some of my thinking, and thusly I became rigid in my acts, unwilling to look at new ways of doing things. That has since changed, and now I don’t spend as much time trying to flit about making sure that everything is grand for everyone else. Other people have their own stuff that they need to take ownership of. I need to take ownership of me. And that means being good to myself.

Sometimes others remind me (unconsciously) that they need to take better care of themselves, too. Like my dear sister. Right now, she’s struggling. By consequence, she’s getting the gift of “nothing” for her birthday today – I’m sending her to a sensory deprivation tank in Kelowna. I got a float for my birthday two years ago and it was a wonderful experience. I hope she gets the same out of it as I did.


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