30-day Writing Challenge – Day 30!

I made it! I’ve definitely learned a few things along the way, but the fact that I got through all 30 days, and did so on a schedule, generally planned out, is a pretty major thing in my books.

Today’s topic:

Your highs and lows for the month.

There have definitely been a bit of both for me, but this month has been a net-positive one for me.

Definitely in the positives department would be the lightning-fast 5k I did at Formation Run last week. 20:48 for a 5k is something I’ve only ever dreamed about, and to be able to pull it off was a huge win.

Also good this month are the conducting opportunities I’ve had and will continue to see into next month with UVic. Things are starting to come together in that department, and after Midwest, I’ve had a good period of personal growth with how I translate to the group.

I’ve worked hard, too, to be more organized, to plan my day deliberately, and I’ve had good success there. This writing challenge formed part of that – I committed to writing for around half an hour a day, and I succeeded, for the most part.

As my doctor said to me this week, “age and responsibilities are starting to catch up with you”. I’ve been feeling fatigued, and worse still, I’ve had this ache in my back for weeks now that just won’t go away. On top of that, my tinnitus is particularly prominent right now, so much so that I’ve got a touch of concern as to whether I’ll be able to continue in this line of work for much longer (hearing protection is a thing but I’ve yet to find some that work well enough).

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