30-day Writing Challenge – Day 20

Post about three celebrity crushes.

Really? I can’t say I’ve ever been super-enamoured with celebrities, so I’m going to instead pick three people I had crushes on over time, and omit some names.

M.C. – She and I took a semester or two of French class together when we were in college. We became friends, and spent a fair amount of time chatting over the internet. We parted company as I left school but reconnected many years later, just prior to me moving to Ottawa (and the advent of Facebook).

S.K. – An original crush. I think we met when we she moved to town and we were in Grade 3 or so. This crush remained throughout my high school years, and we keep in touch to this day. At one point, we worked together, and as I was getting ready to pack up my life and move away, I told her that I’d had feelings for her this whole time.

A.M. – I always admired her brilliance. We’ve known each other since we were six. She’s always been strong, incredibly intelligent, kind, driven, focused.

All three of these wonderful people have gone on to great things in their lives, and I’m thankful that we had the chance to cross paths along the way at some point.


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